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Event API

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Achievements related events

Category: Achievements

Fired when an achievement is gained. (New with patch 3.0)

The id of the achievement gained.

Category: Communication,Guild,Achievements

Fired when a player in your vicinity completes an achievement.

The full body of the broadcast message.
arg2, arg5
The name of player who has just completed the achievement.
arg7, arg8
Some integer.

Category: Communication,Guild,Achievements

Fired when a guild member completes an achievement.

The full body of the achievement broadcast message.
arg2, arg5
Guildmember Name
Chat lineID
Sender GUID

Category: Achievements

Fired when the criteria for an achievement has changed. (Fires several times at once, presumably for different levels of achievements and yet-unknown feats of strength, but this has yet to be confirmed and there may be another use for this Event. joequincy (talk) 18:24, 20 October 2008 (UTC))

Category: Player,Achievements


Category: Achievements

Fired when a timed event for an achievement begins or ends. The achievement does not have to be actively tracked for this to trigger.

Actual time

, arg4 : Time limit