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Welcome to the World of Warcraft Customization Reference

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The WoW development reference describes game customization and technical specifications for WoW. This includes game UI Macro and AddOn support and documentation of other types of files used for art or for general support of the game.

UI Customization Reference[edit]

WoW AddOns
    · TOC format · Load Process · more...
WoW Global API
    · Data types · Events · Lua functions
WoW Widget API
    · Widgets · Script handlers · more...
    · XML Ui · XML elements · XML types · more...
WoW Macro Command Reference
Secure Execution and Tainting
    · SecureTemplates · SecureHandlers
UI Technical Details
    · Console Variables · User functions · more...

Community Web Platform Reference[edit]


Developer talk[edit]

Internet Relay Chat
UI Customisation Forums and Guilds

UI Customization Tutorials and HOWTOs[edit]

An introduction to addons, scripts and macros
Getting started with writing addons

Other Resources and Tools[edit]

Development Help AddOns
UI Code Snippets
Blizzard UI Internals
Lua and XML editing software

Things you can help out with[edit]

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