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This is the development reference for the structure and rules for WildStar UI AddOns. See AddOn for the general WildStar term. See development for the main development portal.


WS AddOn files and related files and concepts

Code files[edit]

  • TOC file - WS AddOn special "manifest" 'toc.xml' file.
  • XML file - WS AddOn 'XML' UI element 'form' file.
  • LUA file - WS AddOn 'Lua' code file.


Client files[edit]

Art files[edit]




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WildStar is capable of loading special files for adding or modifying aspects of the game. WS uses these files to create User Interface functionality for its own interface. These files and facilities can also be used for creating custom user UI functionality, or AddOns for WS. Before getting started, should read familiarize themselves with the WildStar AddOn Policy.

Example file layout anatomy of a basic WS AddOn:

  • {WS Install} (folder) - your WS installation folder
    • -- nothing --
  • {Operating system drive} (drive) - your actual operating system 'system drive'
    • Users (folder) - standard Windows Users folder, in the root of the drive
      • {User name} (folder)
        • AppData (folder)
          • Roaming (folder)
            • NCSOFT (folder)
              • WildStar (folder)
                • AddOns (folder)
                  • MyAddOn (folder) - your AddOn's own folder, normally matches the AddOn name
                    • toc.xml (TOC file) - WS AddOn "manifest" file
                    • MyAddOn.xml (XML file) - XML file with visible element 'form' definitions
                    • MyAddOn.lua (Lua file) - Code file, with instructions for AddOn behavior

This example establishes a WS AddOn named 'MyAddOn' with one xml form file and one Lua code file.

AddOns folder[edit]

For WildStar, most AddOn related files lie in your personal folders in the normally hidden AppData location. The WildStar AddOns folder inside AppData contains folders for each user AddOn.

Using windows environment values:


Typical example


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