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Were you looking for the list of API events?

This is the main WS event reference. Events are a basic message passing system which are received by event handlers as Lua table and function. Many require registration in Lua.


During start-up the 'OnLoad' event fires for an AddOn during load, allowing it register for further event and timer messages.


You can register any other table and function to receive an event using the Apollo.RegisterEventHandler(sEventName, sFuncName, tHandler) function. When the events occur they will be delivered to that script handler.


To unregister an event handler, use Apollo.RemoveEventHandler(sEventName, tHandler).


The WildStar interface is nearly entirely event driven, and all interface code is invoked in response to an event. Script execution must be completed before a frame is rendered; therefore, event processing code that takes too long or contains an infinite loop can drastically degrade the client visibly.

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