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Console commands

Explicit path and file for teh default loadable world library.

set GameDll 'd:\install\lib\gamex64.dll'


  • name - 'GameDll'
  • value - relative or full path, and fully qualified file name for the module file to load. Default is unset.


  • Is by default placed in the 'global' context.


Realtive or full path and full name of the world native library to load.

If this variable is not set, and CVAR lib_path and CVAR module are set, then 'module' and 'lib_path' will be used together to locate and load the library. If this CVAR GameDll is set, then its path will be used.

After load 'GameDLL' will be automatically set the final value of CVAR lib_path and CVAR module.

See CVAR module for a description and purpose of the library. See CVAR lib_path for an explanation of the library path.


Default values[edit]

For the path executable path 'd:\install\engine.exe', and a 'lib_path' of './lib/' on windows running the 64-bit engine:

set GameDll './lib/gamex64.dll'
with install in: d:\install\engine
effective OS load: d:\install\engine\lib\gamex86.dll


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