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Console commands

Base name for the default 'world' module, without platform postfix or extensions.

set module 'game'


  • name - 'module'
  • value - module name to load


  • Is by default placed in the 'global' context.


Name of the world native library to load.

'World' in this context means a graphically or otherwise conceptually interactive environment, and is apart from any regular 2D UI environment, or may have no direct user interfaces.

A world library typically loads when the 'world' loads and provides support for managing discrete world components how they interact and can act as a sink and/or source for messaging with other systems.


World is loaded separately through configuration, and lives on its own managed by the engine 'World' module. A library may create and manage sets of entities and control how they interact and provide other services.

During world load, the world may manage which native libraries if any get loaded. A library may also cause a different world to load. Also, no library may load at all.

Library load name and path

The actual load path set with CVAR lib_path, and final library file name will be calculated from the 'module' name and the platform suffixes. See CVAR lib_path for the list of suffixes and explanation.

The library state typically unloads when the world unloads or changes, and loads again when the world loads again. The actual OS module that is the library may or may not, from the OS standpoint, ever be unloaded from the engine process, once loaded.


Default values[edit]

For the path executable path 'd:\install\engine.exe', and a 'lib_path' of './lib/' on windows running the 64-bit engine:

set module 'game'
becomes: ./lib/gamex64.dll
with install in: d:\install\engine
effective OS load: d:\install\engine\lib\gamex86.dll


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