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Inherited by: none, Inherits: <Frame>, Runtime object: EditBox
Defined in: Frames, Ui


  • <FontString> - the font to be used for the textbox text, use this or the font attribute
  • <HighlightColor> (Color) - the highlight color for the textbox text
  • <TextInsets> (Inset)


  • font (string) - name of one of the predefined fonts to use in your EditBox. For example, "GameFontNormal".
  • letters (int) Default is 0. - maximum number of letters which can be entered in this EditBox. Zero means no character limit.
  • blinkSpeed (float) Default is 0.5. - speed of cursor blinking, interval in seconds between "blinks".
  • numeric (boolean) Default is false. - if true, then only digits 0-9 can be entered in this EditBox
  • password (boolean) Default is false. - if true, then asterisks will be displayed instead of whatever text you enter.
  • multiLine (boolean) Default is false. - multi-line EditBox
  • historyLines (int) Default is 0. - Number of lines to keep as a "history" for this editbox. You can cycle through editbox' history with arrows Up and Down (or Alt+Up, Alt+Down if attribute 'ignoreArrows' set to true)
  • autoFocus (boolean) Default is true. - if true, then this EditBox will automatically receive keyboard focus when it is displayed.
  • ignoreArrows (boolean) Default is false. - if false, then pressing arrows on keyboard will move cursor around the EditBox. If set to true, then EditBox will ignore arrows and they will instead turn around your character in game world. In this case you can still move text cursor around your editbox with Alt-arrows.



Included in Backdrop

<EditBox name="$parentEditBox" letters="80">
    <Size x="100" y="32" />
        <Anchor point="LEFT">
            <Offset x="50" y="0" />
        <Layer level="BACKGROUND">
            <Texture file="Interface\ChatFrame\UI-ChatInputBorder-Left">
                <Size x="75" y="32" />
                    <Anchor point="LEFT">
                        <Offset x="-10" y="0" />
                <TexCoords left="0" right="0.2" top="0" bottom="1.0"/>
            <Texture file="Interface\ChatFrame\UI-ChatInputBorder-Right">
                <Size x="75" y="32" />
                    <Anchor point="RIGHT">
                        <Offset x="10" y="0" />
                <TexCoords left="0.7" right="1.0" top="0" bottom="1.0"/>
    <FontString inherits="ChatFontNormal" />

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