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WoW API < SetOverrideBindingSpell

Creates an override binding that casts a spell

SetOverrideBindingSpell(owner, isPriority, "key", "spell");


Frame - The frame this binding "belongs" to; this can later be used to clear all override bindings belonging to a particular frame.
Boolean - true if this is a priority binding, false otherwise. Both types of override bindings take precedence over normal bindings.
String - Binding to bind the command to. For example, "Q", "ALT-Q", "ALT-CTRL-SHIFT-Q", "BUTTON5"
String - Name of the spell you want to cast when this binding is triggered.


  • Override bindings take precedence over the normal SetBinding bindings. Priority override bindings take precedence over non-priority override bindings.
  • Override bindings are never saved, and will be wiped by an interface reload.
  • You cannot use this function to clear an override binding; use SetOverrideBinding instead.

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