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Returns the objectives you are currently flagged to as LFG.
type1, number1, type2, number2, type3, number3, lfmType, lfmNumber, comment [, queued, lfgStatus, lfmStatus][,viewframe,forcejoin]= GetLookingForGroup()




Type, number
The type and number of each objective you are queued in. Eg. type 2=dungeon, type 3= raid.
The number of the instance in the LFM list. Returns 0 if not in a party.
A message you provided when flagging yourself as LFG with SetLookingForGroup()

The first 9 keys are always the same and can be referenced by number, 1-9. The rest of the table is different depending on whether you are currently queued or not. If you are not in LFG, keys 10-12 will be [,queued, lfgStatus, lfmStatus]. If you are in LFG, keys 10-13 will not exist. Instead [,viewframe,forcejoin] will be part of the table and are referenced by string.

Eg. table["viewframe"]


This function has (apparently) been removed in patch 3.3. Use GetLFGRoleUpdateSlot() instead.