WoW API: GetLFGResults

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WoW API < GetLFGResults

Returns the results of a preceding LFG query

charname, level, class, guildname, race, zone, message = GetLFGResults(type, lfgIdx, index)


Number type
Index of one of the returned values of call to GetLFGTypes()
Number lfgIdx
Index of one of the values returned from GetLFGTypeEntries(lfgtype) called with the same lfgtype value being used in this call
Number index
Index of result to return. Must be in range [1; GetNumLFGResults()] to generate meaningful results.


String charname
Name of the character
Number level
Level of the character
String class
Class of the character
String guildname
Name of the guild the character belongs to
String race
Race of the character
String zone
Zone the character was in at query time
String message
A message the player provided when flagging himself as LFG with SetLookingForGroup()