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COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED redirects to this page, but most add-on developers will want to use it in preference to COMBAT_LOG_EVENT, because the events provided by the latter will only reflect the user's actual combat log.

Note: COMBAT_LOG_EVENT and COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED have identical parameters. All information provided here applies to both events.

Base Parameters[edit]

1st Param 2nd Param 3rd Param 4th Param 5th Param 6th Param 7th Param 8th Param 9th Param!
unknown sourceGUID sourceName sourceFlags sourceFlags2 destGUID destName destFlags destFlags2

The timestamp parameter has almost the same format as the return value of the time() function. You can use it as the second parameter to date(). The only difference is that time() returns an integer (the unit is seconds), while the timestamp parameter has three decimal places (milliseconds). That means (timestamp-floor(timestamp))*1000 is the number of milliseconds of the timestamp.

The parameters sourceFlags2 and destFlags2 appeared in patch 4.2.

More information on GUIDs (including format, how to tell a player from an NPC, pets, mob IDs, and more) can be found on the API UnitGUID page.


How to get full event strings: Read prefix to suffix in order and use the parameter table as specified. Unused entries are nil. A Blank cell means that there are no additional arguments for this pre- or suffix.


The Parameters listed with prefixes are numbered in the order they come after the base 8 parameters.


2nd Parameter 3rd Parameter 4th Parameter
RANGE spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL_PERIODIC spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL_BUILDING spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL_ABSORBED* absorbSourceGUID absorbSourceName absorbSourceFlags absorbSourceRaidFlags spellId spellName spellSchool
SPELL_ABSORBED absorbSpellId absorbSpellName absorbSpellSchool absorbSourceGUID absorbSourceName absorbSourceFlags absorbSourceRaidFlags spellId spellName spellSchool
ENVIRONMENTAL environmentalType

SPELL_ABSORBED* - When absorbed damage originated from a spell, will have additional 3 columns with spell info.


The Parameters listed with suffixes are numbered in the order they come after the prefix parameters.

Suffix 1st Param (13th) 2nd Param (14th) 3rd Param (15th) 4th Param (16th) 5th Param (17th) 6th Param (18th) 7th Param (19th) 8th Param (20th) 9th Param (21th)
_DAMAGE amount overkill school resisted blocked absorbed critical (1 or nil) glancing (1 or nil) crushing (1 or nil)
_MISSED missType isOffHand amountMissed*
_HEAL amount overhealing absorbed critical
_ENERGIZE amount powerType
_DRAIN amount powerType extraAmount
_LEECH amount powerType extraAmount
_INTERRUPT extraSpellID extraSpellName extraSchool
_DISPEL extraSpellID extraSpellName extraSchool auraType
_DISPEL_FAILED extraSpellID extraSpellName extraSchool
_STOLEN extraSpellID extraSpellName extraSchool auraType
_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE auraType amount
_AURA_REMOVED_DOSE auraType amount
_AURA_BROKEN_SPELL extraSpellID extraSpellName extraSchool auraType
_CAST_FAILED failedType

* Its possible that this value does not exists. (For instance MISS or IMMUNE)

Special Events[edit]

Event Prefix to use Suffix to use
Event 1st Param 2nd Param 3rd Param
ENCHANT_APPLIED † spellName itemID itemName
ENCHANT_REMOVED † spellName itemID itemName

† These events are pretty much useless. They are triggered when a weapon's enchant changes, but before the API information is updated to reflect the change. It is possible for main-hand and off-hand wielded weapons to have the same itemID. So we might not even know for sure which weapon the enchant changed on. When an enchant is reapplied the original is removed first, triggering an ENCHANT_REMOVED event before a ENCHANT_APPLIED event is triggered.

A much better way of tracking temporary weapon enchants is to use the UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED event (a true event, not part of a COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED) which is triggered every time an enchant changes. What's more, the information on the temporary enchants available through the API has been updated at the point this event is triggered. Sometimes the event is triggered twice however.

Template:C-inline The UNIT_DESTROYED event will fire for deaths of totems and certain Template:Wowhead tooltip instead of UNIT_DIED

Parameter Values[edit]

Spell School[edit]

(binary / bitmask)
Type Color Codes / School Combination
0x1 1 Physical #FFFF00     (255, 255,     0)      (1.00, 1.00, 0.00)
0x2 2 Holy #FFE680     (255, 230, 128)      (1.00, 0.90, 0.50)
0x4 4 Fire #FF8000     (255, 128,     0)      (1.00, 0.50, 0.00)
0x8 8 Nature #4DFF4D    (  77, 255,   77)      (0.30, 1.00, 0.30)
0x10 16 Frost #80FFFF     (128, 255, 255)      (0.50, 1.00, 1.00)
0x20 32 Shadow #8080FF     (128, 128, 255)      (0.50, 0.50, 1.00)
0x40 64 Arcane #FF80FF     (255, 128, 255)      (1.00, 0.50, 1.00)
Double schools
0x3 3 Holystrike Holy + Physical
0x5 5 Flamestrike Fire + Physical
0x6 6 Holyfire Fire + Holy
0x9 9 Stormstrike Nature + Physical
0xA 10 Holystorm Nature + Holy
0xC 12 Firestorm Nature + Fire
0x11 17 Froststrike Frost + Physical
0x12 18 Holyfrost Frost + Holy
0x14 20 Frostfire Frost + Fire
0x18 24 Froststorm Frost + Nature
0x21 33 Shadowstrike Shadow + Physical
0x22 34 Shadowlight (Twilight) Shadow + Holy
0x24 36 Shadowflame Shadow + Fire
0x28 40 Shadowstorm (Plague) Shadow + Nature
0x30 48 Shadowfrost Shadow + Frost
0x41 65 Spellstrike Arcane + Physical
0x42 66 Divine Arcane + Holy
0x44 68 Spellfire Arcane + Fire
0x48 72 Spellstorm Arcane + Nature
0x50 80 Spellfrost Arcane + Frost
0x60 96 Spellshadow Arcane + Shadow
Triple and multi schools
0x1C 28 Elemental Frost + Nature + Fire
0x7C 124 Chromatic Arcane + Shadow + Frost + Nature + Fire
0x7E 126 Magic Arcane + Shadow + Frost + Nature + Fire + Holy
0x7F 127 Chaos Arcane + Shadow + Frost + Nature + Fire + Holy + Physical

Power Type[edit]

Main article: PowerType
powerType Type
-2 health
0 mana
1 rage
2 focus
3 energy
4 combo points
5 runes
6 runic power
7 soul shards
8 lunar power
9 holy power
10 alternate power
11 maelstrom
12 chi
13 insanity
16 arcane charges
17 fury
18 pain

Miss type[edit]

  • "ABSORB"
  • "BLOCK"
  • "DODGE"
  • "EVADE"
  • "IMMUNE"
  • "MISS"
  • "PARRY"
  • "RESIST"

Aura Type[edit]

  • "BUFF"
  • "DEBUFF"

Environmental Type[edit]

  • "FIRE"
  • "LAVA"
  • "SLIME"
  • More possible but currently unconfirmed

Failed Type[edit]

  • "A more powerful spell is already active"
  • "Another action is in progress"
  • "Can only use outside"
  • "Can only use while swimming"
  • "Can't do that while asleep"
  • "Can't do that while charmed"
  • "Can't do that while confused"
  • "Can't do that while fleeing"
  • "Can't do that while horrified"
  • "Can't do that while incapacitated"
  • "Can't do that while moving"
  • "Can't do that while silenced"
  • "Can't do that while stunned"
  • "Interrupted"
  • "Invalid target"
  • "Item is not ready yet"
  • "Must be in Bear Form, Dire Bear Form"
  • "Must have a Ranged Weapon equipped"
  • "No path available"
  • "No target"
  • "Not enough energy"
  • "Not enough mana"
  • "Not enough rage"
  • "Not yet recovered"
  • "Nothing to dispel"
  • "Out of range"
  • "Target is friendly"
  • "Target is hostile"
  • "Target needs to be in front of you."
    • Added with Patch 6.1.2.[citation needed] Possibly to rationalize with "be behind" from rogue's Gouge.
    • Not to be confused with the red alert in UI, "Target must be facing you."
  • "Target not in line of sight"
  • "Target too close"
  • "You are dead"
  • "You are in combat"
  • "You are in shapeshift form"
  • "You are unable to move"
  • "You can't do that yet"
  • "You must be behind your target."
  • "Your target is dead"
  • More possible but currently unconfirmed



I wanted to post some info about what I have learned about using this event. I think the description of how the arguments work is confusing. Hopefully this provides some clarity.

There are always at least 8 arguments. (arg1 through arg8) Depending on the Prefix there will be 0, 1, or 3 more arguments. These will be numbered starting with 9 and going up to 11 if necessary. Depending on the Suffix there will be 0-8 more arguments. These will be numbered starting from the last Prefix argument (i.e. 9, 10, or 12).

Sample Arguments Example[edit]

Example: The following 2 examples show the parameters used for a SPELL_MISS event and a SWING_DAMAGE events

Event Type Arg1 Arg2 Arg3 Arg4 Arg5 Arg6 Arg7 Arg8 Arg9 Arg10 Arg11 Arg12 Arg13 Arg14 Arg15 Arg16 Arg17
SPELL_MISS timestamp event sourceGUID sourceName sourceFlags destGUID destName destFlags spellId spellName spellSchool missType isOffHand amountMissed
SWING_DAMAGE timestamp event sourceGUID sourceName sourceFlags destGUID destName destFlags amount overkill school resisted blocked absorbed critical glancing crushing

Simple Function Example[edit]

Example the following function would display a message whenever a Mind Blast crits.


<Frame name="Foo_Frame">
        Foo_OnEvent(self, event, ...); -- The ... parameter passes all arguments that would otherwise be implicitly sent prior to 3.0.
                                       -- As of 3.0, you will need to explicitly send these arguments (as done here).  


function Foo_OnLoad()

function Foo_OnEvent(self, event, ...)

  local timestamp, type, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, sourceFlags2, destGUID, destName, destFlags, destFlags2 = select(1, ...)
  -- Note, for this example, you could just use 'local type = select(2, ...)'.  The others are included so that it's clear what's available.

  if (event=="COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED") then
    if (type=="SPELL_DAMAGE") then

      local spellId, spellName, spellSchool = select(12, ...)
      -- Use the following line in game version 3.0 or higher, for previous versions use the line after
      local amount, overkill, school, resisted, blocked, absorbed, critical, glancing, crushing = select(15, ...)

      if (spellName=="Mind Blast" and critical==true) then -- ==true for clarity only.  Not needed.
        DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Mind Blast Just Critted!");

Event Descriptions[edit]

Summary Of what I have learned about when events fire and when they don't: (Preliminary)


Event Prefix Description
SPELL_ Spell is the prefix for most effects even if the spell is a DoT or channeled. IE when the spell begins to be cast, SPELL_CAST_START is fired and not SPELL_PERIODIC_CAST_START. This is the same with _MISS, _FAILED, etc.
SPELL_PERIODIC Spell_PERIODIC Only the effects that are periodic start with this PREFIX. IE: Successfully casting a DoT only happens once therefor even though the spell is periodic use the SPELL_ prefix. However, the damage is periodic so it will start with SPELL_PERIODIC_. 90% of the time you will only care about _DAMAGE or _HEAL.
SPELL_BUILDING SPELL_BUILDING New in WotLK, assumed to be damage that can affect destructable buildings.
ENVIRONMENTAL sourceGUID = "0x0000000000000000", sourceName = nil


Event Suffix Description
_DAMAGE Triggered on damage to health. Nothing Special. (overkill returns a number greater than or equal to zero)
_MISSED Triggered When Effect isn't applied but mana/energy is used IE: ABSORB BLOCK DEFLECT DODGE EVADE IMMUNE MISS PARRY REFLECT RESIST
_HEAL Triggered when a unit is healed
_ENERGIZE Any effect that restores energy/mana. Spell/trinket/item set bonuses can trigger this event. IE: Vampiric Touch, or Mark of Defiance (Trinket)
_DRAIN Same as _ENERGIZE but this time you are losing energy/mana. Caused by enemies.
_LEECH Same as _DRAIN, but the source unit will simultaneously receive the same kind of energy (specified in extraAmount)
_INTERRUPT Spellcasting being interrupted by an ability such as Kick or Pummel.
_DISPEL A buff or debuff being actively dispelled by a spell like Remove Curse or Dispel Magic.
_DISPEL_FAILED A failed attempt to dispel a buff or debuff, most likely due to immunity.
_AURA_STOLEN A buff being transferred from the destination unit to the source unit (i.e. mages' Spellsteal).
_EXTRA_ATTACKS Unit gains extra melee attacks due to an ability (like Sword Specialization or Windfury). These attacks usually happen in brief succession 100-200ms following this event.
_AURA_APPLIED Triggered When Buffs/Debuffs are Applied. Note: This event doesn't fire if a debuff is applied twice without being removed. IE: casting Vampiric Embrace twice in a row only triggers this event once. This can make it difficult to track whether a debuff was successfully reapplied to the target. However, for instant cast spells, SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS can be used.
_AURA_REMOVED Triggered When Buffs/Debuffs expire.
_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE Triggered by stacking Debuffs if the debuff is already applied to a target. IE: If you cast Mind Flay twice it causes 2 doses of shadow vunerability, the first time it will trigger, SPELL_AURA_APPLIED (arg10 = shadow vulnerability), and SPELL_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE (arg10 = shadow vunerability) the second. The last argument reflects the new number of doses on the unit.
_AURA_REMOVED_DOSE The opposite of _AURA_APPLIED_DOSE, reducing the amount of doses on a buff/debuff on the unit.
_AURA_REFRESH Resets the expiration timer of a buff/debuff on the unit.
_AURA_BROKEN A buff or debuff is being removed by melee damage
_AURA_BROKEN_SPELL A buff or debuff is being removed by spell damage (specified in extraSpell...)
_CAST_START Triggered when a spell begins casting. Instant Cast and channeled spells don't invoke this event. They trigger _CAST_SUCCESS, _MISS instead.
_CAST_SUCCESS Triggered when channeled spells begin or when instant cast spells are cast. This (obviously) isn't triggered when this spell misses. On a miss SPELL_MISS will be triggered instead. Also, spells that invoke _CAST_START don't trigger this event when they are done casting. Use _SPELL_MISS or _SPELL_DAMAGE or _SPELL_AURA_APPLIED to see when they were cast
_CAST_FAILED If the cast fails before it starts (IE invalid target), then _CAST_START never triggers. However it is possible for a cast to fail after beginning. (IE you jump, move, hit escape etc.)
_INSTAKILL Immediately kills the destination unit (usually happens when warlocks sacrifice their minions).
_CREATE Creates an object (as opposed to an NPC who are 'summoned') like a hunter's trap or a mage's portal.
_SUMMON Summmons an NPC such as a pet or totem.

Special Events[edit]

Event Description
UNIT_DIED destGUID and destName refer to the unit that died.
PARTY_KILL includes both sourceGUID and destGUID, but only reports for you (not in a party) or your other 4 party members (not raid members)