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Is the user 'selected language' id which maps to a specific language. Used by patch updater and game client.

1 (default) - English
2 - German
3 - French
locale.languageId = 1


Found on the Patch updater window as the 'Language' option in Options. The exact wording differs depending on which language is currently selected.

1 - English
2 - German
3 - French


This setting controls which language will be used as the display language for both the loader and the regular game client. The affects all parts of the client UI and game world language and speech, including UI descriptions and labels, world voice sounds, NPC and quest text, etc.


  • As of File:IconPatch.png 6670: only 3 languages are supported, English, German and French, and appear to be the same for the NA and the EU clients.