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Console commands

Path for the startup script file.

set startup 'startup.cfg' 


  • name - 'startup'
  • value - Relative asset path for the startup script file. Default value is unset.


  • Is by default placed in the 'global' context.


Set a script file to be run after basic engine systems are started. If no value is set, no startup script will be run.

The similar engine config script 'config.cfg' file is run after basic module initialization. The config file is a place where the startup script can be set.

Startup stages:

  • Process load
  • Modules initialization
    • Commands and variables with default values are created
  • Config script is run 'config.cfg'
  • Modules start
    • Use of default or config set variables or other changes
  • Startup script is run 'startup.cfg'
  • Server module load
  • Engine run


For example, the 'map' and 'module' load defaults can be unset, and then no map or module will be loaded. The setup script can then be used to provide a more sophisticated configuration. This includes choosing which services are inittially started, and so on.


Default values[edit]

> startup
'startup' is ''

In a config file named 'config.cfg'

startup startup.cfg


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