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Console commands

Creates a new variable in the current context, if doesn't exist. If exists is ignored.

var bob fred


  • name - name for new variable
  • value (optional) - the value to set. If no value, then prints value if exists.


Can be used to set defaults for values.


Default values[edit]

  • 'var' called with 'bob' without a value. Variable 'bob' doesn't exist.
> var bob
Unknown: bob
  • Creates variable 'bob' and sets to 'fred'.
> var bob fred
  • Same as the first example, but now bob exists.
> var bob
'bob' is 'fred'
  • Try to set 'bob' to 'james', but 'bob' is already set.
> var bob james
> var bob
'bob' is 'fred'


  • If variable already exists, will not trigger any associated events when attempting to set.