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Console commands

Creates a new key binding, replacing existing key binding if any.

bind Z "echo fred"


  • name - name of binding, which corresponds to a particular key, button, or other device.
  • value (optional) - script string or command to run. If not supplied, then prints the script or command value, if the binding exists.


  • Key bindings are global, and not a part of any context.


A 'bind' acts like a custom command for a key. It runs the assigned text as a script, which can contain a single-word command, statement, or script.

By default, binds do not work while input focus is in console or in text mode.

Binds have a special relationship with commands and aliases, where specially named commands will get run during special key or device states. For example, if an alias is named '+bob' and is bound to a key, it will only get called when that key is pressed down, and if named '-bob' will get called when the key goes up.


Default values[edit]

  • Check bind 'Z' for script value. No bind exists for key 'Z'.
> bind Z
Unknown: Z
  • Create a bind for the 'Z' key.
> bind Z "echo fred"
  • Close console and press 'Z' key. Prints 'fred'.
  • Same as the first example, but now bind 'Z' exists and shows the value.
> alias bob
'bob' is 'echo fred'

Key states[edit]

  • '+zoom' called without a value. No command, variable or alias named '+zoom' exist.
> +zoom
Unknown: +zoom
  • Create an alias for '+zoom' and '-zoom'.
> alias +zoom "set fov 45; print 'zoom is 45'"
> alias -zoom "set fov 90; print 'zoom is 90'"
  • Create a binding for the 'Z' key.
> bind Z +zoom
  • Close console and press and release the 'Z' key. Zooms in and out and prints zoom messages.
zoom is 45
zoom is 90