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WoW Interface (site)


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WoWInterface is a large AddOn hosting website dedicated to helping the entire community with all things UI-related. It is a sub-site of owned by ZAM Network.

Authors are provided with an optional "Portal" system which enables each author to have their own mini-site where they may post news and FAQs for all of their projects and have version control resources such as Feature Request and Bug Report tracking, along with other features.

Developer Help[edit]

The site runs a very popular all-inclusive IRC channel for AddOn authors - see #wowuidev on Many of those involved with the site also provide a great deal of assistance on the official Blizzard UI forums and the WoWWiki, such as Cairenn and Iriel.

In addition, two in-game "author" guilds are run by WoWInterface. All authors are welcome to join the guilds on the US Draka realm:

  • Alliance: <Load on Demand>
  • Horde: <Register for Save>

Hosted UI sites and AddOns[edit]

WoWInterface helped host another popular UI site, (WoW Dev Network; had details of UI file changes between patches), but that site closed sometime in 2012(?).

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