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Widget API

A little device or construct that does 'something', in a particular known way and seemingly of its own accord.


  • In software - usually a small, relatively independant, modular 'applet' or building block.

In WoW[edit]

In a WoW UI Customization context, a widget refers to a (usually visible) component of the user interface, such as a "Frame", "Button", "EditBox", etc. Widgets can be created through XML, using WoW's FrameXML facility, see XML UI, or via the CreateFrame() API, and further be controlled run-time with functions in the Widget API and the WoW API proper.

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Old page excerpts[edit]

somewhat contextually misleading


  • Mac OS X - 10.4 or later, a Dashboard Widget is a small applet that runs inside the OS X Dashboard.


  • WOWdget - Forwards searches to various item DBs (Wowhead, Thottbot, and Allakhazam).
  • WoW Server Status Widget 2.1 - Reads Blizzard's server list and status.
  • World of Warcraft Raid Calendar Widget 1.06 - Displays the upcoming raid instance reset dates. It is compatible with all server zones (Euro, US, Korea, China, and Taiwan) and supports international and German date format.

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