WoW API type: UITYPE FrameStrata

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API types

FrameStrata is a string which can take following values:

  • "PARENT"
  • "LOW"
  • "MEDIUM"
  • "HIGH"
  • "DIALOG"

These stratas are given in order from lowest to highest; except for "PARENT". Value "PARENT" is relative and indicates that you want to put your frame into the same strata as your frame's parent.


  • frameStrata attribute of Frame object has type FrameStrata.
  • Commonly, you'll do best to resist the temptation of setting FrameStrata for every frame you create. Unless you have a very special case, it should suffice to set the strata for the "main" frame, and just properly parent subsequent elements (background contains elements, elements contain widgets, widgets contain own highlights or something). Child elements are always rendered on top of their parents and that's the primary (if not only) layering technique you should use.

Sets the Frame Strata of the frame.



FrameStrata -- The strata your frame will be put in