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Widget API < Slider

Class Hierarchy, API, And Derivatives[edit]

For class hierarchy and method listing, see main listing here: Widget API Slider.


 local MySlider = CreateFrame("Slider", "MySliderGlobalName", ParentFrame, "OptionsSliderTemplate")

Width, Height, Orientation, And Position[edit]

Width and height are handled the same as any other widget:


To set your slider to a vertical orientation:


Or for a horizontal slider:


Special Global Objects Created By Template During Initialization[edit]

Some special objects are created when using the "OptionsSliderTemplate" template during initialization (CreateFrame). You can access these objects using the LUA getglobal function, as outlined below:

 MySlider.tooltipText = 'This is the Tooltip hint' --Creates a tooltip on mouseover.
 getglobal(MySlider:GetName() .. 'Low'):SetText('1'); --Sets the left-side slider text (default is "Low").
 getglobal(MySlider:GetName() .. 'High'):SetText('100'); --Sets the right-side slider text (default is "High").
 getglobal(MySlider:GetName() .. 'Text'):SetText('5'); --Sets the "title" text (top-centre of slider).

These are useful shortcuts in lieu of having to manually define font strings.


After all that you can show your slider using: