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This article is a part of the documentation of the Telepathy function library


  1. Updated Embedded Deps


  1. Updated for Lua 5.1 and WoW 2.0
  2. Fixed Sea.util.split reference


  1. Updated to include Satellite v1.6
  2. Updated to include ChatThrottleLib v11
  3. Fixed standalone dependencies


  1. Removed Versioning code
  2. Duplicate Listeners now replace each other and print debug rather than throwing errors
  3. Fixed parsing error in packetizeMessage
  4. Added a two digit number to the datagram syntax to indicate message index to further specify multi-part messages that are received non-linearly
  5. Added VARIABLES_LOADED to ADDON_LOADED for embedding
  6. Added replace=true to the slash command registration to avoid duplicate registration errors when embedded


  1. Misc Bug Fixes and Optimizations thanks for ckknight's review
  2. Made SLURRED_SPEECH de-localized
  3. Added a check in sendMessage to make sure you aren't sending formatting characters


  1. Initial Release
  2. Created MobileBarTemplate for instantiation.
  3. Made Mobile: LootFrame, QuestLogFrame, FriendsFrame, CharacterFrame, SpellBookFrame.