WoW API type: SavedInstanceChatLink

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API types

SavedInstanceChatLink API Type (String)[edit]

SavedInstanceChatLink are returned by GetSavedInstanceChatLink().

Anatomy of a SavedInstanceChatLink[edit]

  • "|cffff8000" - Colorizes the link (see itemLink)
  • "|H" - Hyperlink introduction
  • "instancelock" - Hyperlink Type
  • "3111EE" - Character ID
  • "309" - Instance ID
  • "0" - Final Boss Dead Flag
  • "40" - Boss List (see below)
  • "|h" - Hyperlink data concluded, text follows
  • "[Zul'Gurub]" - Display text
  • "|h" - Hyperlink conclusion
  • "|r" - Returns color to normal

Boss list[edit]

The boss list portion of the SavedInstanceChatLink is a bitset representing which bosses are defeated.


If the boss list portion of a SavedInstanceChatLink is:


Then the recipe list bitset is:


This set indicates that two (the fourth and sixth bosses have been defeated) specific bosses are defeated. Note that the bosses are listed in reverse order and therefore the first digit is the last boss and the previous boss is the next digit, etc. The boss list is just a conversion from binary to decimal.

Link Checking[edit]

The server does a GUID check on the SavedInstanceChatLink. As such, these links won't work cross-servers, but they do work cross-faction.


  • It is easy to view a SavedInstanceChatLink in its raw form by running the command
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(gsub(GetSavedInstanceChatLink(), "\124", "\124\124"))