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Note also that ThottBot uses the built-in texture names in its icon paths, e.g. for Blood Pact. "Spell_Shadow_BloodBoil" is the in-game texture name. So, if you know the spell, looking at ThottBot will work.

List of known buff and debuff effects that can be queried[edit]

Every time you cast a buff of a debuff on a character, they get an effect added to their list of buffs and debuffs (see HOWTO: Identify Buffs Using Textures for a guide on how to query this information).

Following is a list of spells and associated queriable effects (these are texture names). The initial ones were collected by Pholus and a lot of the initial research into these came from Zorlens Hunter Libraries [1]. Please add more values.

This can be useful because it will not require an update when the Rank value changes.

Type Class Spell Effect
Self Buff Hunter Aspect of the Hawk(Rank X) Spell_Nature_RavenForm
Self Buff Hunter Aspect of the Monkey Ability_Hunter_AspectOfTheMonkey
Self Buff Hunter Aspect of the Cheetah Ability_Mount_JungleTiger
Self Buff Hunter Aspect of the Pack Ability_Mount_WhiteTiger
Self Buff Hunter Aspect of the Beast Ability_Mount_PinkTiger
Self Buff Hunter Aspect of the Wild(Rank X) Spell_Nature_ProtectionformNature
Self Buff Hunter Rapid Fire Ability_Hunter_RunningShot
Self Buff Hunter Eyes of the Beast Ability_EyesOfTheOwl
Self Buff Hunter Deterrence Ability_Whirlwind
Self Buff Warlock Demon Skin/Demon Armor(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_RagingScream
Self Buff Warlock Fire Shield(Rank X) Spell_Fire_FireArmor
Self Buff Warlock Sacrifice Spell_Shadow_SacrificialShield
Self Buff Warlock Underwater Breathing Spell_Shadow_DemonBreath
Self Buff Warlock Eye of Kilrogg Spell_Shadow_EvilEye
Self Buff Warlock Nightfall Spell_Shadow_Twilight
Self Buff Warlock Detect Lesser Invisibility Spell_Shadow_DetectLesserInvisibility
Self Buff Warlock Demonic Sacrifice Spell_Shadow_PsychicScream
Self Buff Warlock Shadow Ward Spell_Shadow_AntiShadow
Self Buff Warlock Master Demonologist Spell_Shadow_ShadowPact
Self Buff Warlock Detect Invisibility Spell_Shadow_DetectInvisibility
Self Buff Warlock Soul Link Spell_Shadow_GatherShadows
Self Buff Warlock Detect Greater Invisibility Spell_Shadow_DetectInvisibility
Self Buff Priest Shadowform Spell_Shadow_Shadowform
Self Buff Priest Shadow Protection Spell_Shadow_AntiShadow
Self Buff Priest Spell_Shadow_DeadofNight
Self Buff Priest Power Word: Fortitude Spell_Holy_WordFortitude
Self Buff Priest Prayer of Fortitude Spell_Holy_PrayerOfFortitude
Self Buff Priest Divine Spirit Spell_Holy_DivineSpirit
Self Buff Priest Prayer of Spirit Spell_Holy_PrayerofSpirit
Self Buff Priest Power Word: Shield Spell_Holy_PowerWordShield
Self Buff Priest Renew Spell_Holy_Renew
Self Buff Priest Mind Control Spell_Shadow_ShadowWordDominate
Self Buff Priest Inner Fire Spell_Holy_InnerFire
Self Buff Priest Inner Focus Spell_Frost_WindWalkOn
Self Buff Priest Spirit Tap Spell_Shadow_Requiem
Self Buff Priest Spell_Magic_LesserInvisibility
Self Buff Priest Spell_Shadow_Raisedead
Self Buff Priest Vampiric Embrace Spell_Shadow_UnsummonBuilding
Self Buff Priest Fade Spell_Magic_LesserInvisibilty
Self Buff Priest Power Infusion Spell_Holy_PowerInfusion
Self Buff Priest Spirit of Redemption Spell_Holy_GreaterHeal
Self Buff Casters Zandalarian Hero Charm Spell_Lightning_LightningBolt01
Self Buff Priest Fear Ward Spell_Holy_Excorcism
Self Buff Paladin Divine Protection Spell_Holy_Restoration
Self Buff Spell_Holy_HolyProtection
Self Buff Spell_Holy_Heal
Self Buff Spell_Holy_BlessingOfAgility
Self Buff Mage Arcane Brilliance(Rank X) Spell_Holy_ArcaneIntellect
Self Buff Mage Arcane Intellect(Rank X) Spell_Holy_MagicalSentry
Self Buff Mage Ice Armor(Rank X) Spell_Frost_FrostArmor02
Self Buff Mage Mana Shield(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_DetectLesserInvisibility
Self Buff Mage Fire Ward(Rank X) Spell_Fire_FireArmor
Self Buff Mage Ice Block Spell_Frost_Frost
Self Buff Mage Ice Barrier(Rank X) Spell_Ice_Lament
Self Buff Mage Frost Ward(Rank X) Spell_Frost_FrostWard
Self Buff Mage Mage Armor(Rank X) Spell_MageArmor
Self Buff Mage Clearcasting Spell_Shadow_ManaBurn
Self Buff Mage Presence of Mind Spell_Nature_EnchantArmor
Self Buff Mage Combustion Spell_Fire_SealOfFire
Self Buff Warchief's Blessing (Segen des Kriegshäuptlings) Spell_Arcane_TeleportOrgrimmar
Self Buff Spell_Shadow_RagingScream
Self Buff Warlock Soulstone Spell_Shadow_SoulGem
Self Buff Mage Dampen Magic Spell_Nature_AbolishMagic
Self Buff Mage Amplify Magic Spell_Holy_FlashHeal
Self Buff Druid Mark of the Wild/Gift of the Wild(Rank X) Spell_Nature_Regeneration
Self Buff Druid Spell_Nature_Rejuvenation
Self Buff Nature's Grace Spell_Nature_NaturesBlessing
Self Buff Druid Spell_Nature_Thorns
Self Buff Spell_Nature_Ravenform
Self Buff Shaman Spell_Nature_SpiritWolf
Self Buff Spell_Nature_StoneSkinTotem
Self Buff Warlock Summon Felsteed Spell_Nature_Swiftness
Self Buff Spell_Nature_P
Self Buff Spell_Nature_ResistNature
Self Buff Troll (Racial) Shadowguard Spell_Nature_LightningShield
Self Buff Troll (Racial) Berserking Racial_Troll_Berserk
Self Buff Shaman Lightning Shield Spell_Nature_LightningShield
Self Buff Spell_Magic_MageArmor
Self Buff Well Fed Spell_MiscFood
Self Buff Ability_Mount_BlackDireWolf
Self Buff Ability_Mount_WhiteDireWolf
Self Buff Ability_Mount_Kodo_01
Self Buff Ability_Mount_Kodo_03
Self Buff Ability_Mount_Raptor
Self Buff Ability_Mount_Undeadhorse
Self Buff Warlock Summon Dreadsteed Ability_Mount_Dreadsteed
Self Buff Ability_Rogue_Sprint
Self Buff Druid Cat Form Ability_Druid_CatForm
Self Buff Druid Bear Form Ability_Racial_BearForm
Self Buff Druid Dire Bear Form Ability_Racial_BearForm
Self Buff Druid Prowl Ability_Ambush
Self Buff Druid Tiger's Fury Ability_Mount_JungleTiger
Self Buff Druid Dash Ability_Druid_Dash
Self Buff Ability_Warrior_DefensiveStance
Self Buff Ability_TrueShot
Self Buff Argent Dawn Commission Spell_INV_Jewelry_Talisman_07
Self Buff Gesundheit Spell_INV_Potion_44
Self Buff Geringe Stärke Spell_INV_Potion_58
Self Buff Geringe Rüstung Spell_INV_Potion_65
Self Buff Winterfall Firewater (Feuerwasser) Spell_INV_Potion_92
Self Buff Spell_INV_Potion_93
Self Buff Mondbeerensaft Spell_INV_Drink_07
Self Buff Spell_INV_Drink_18
Self Buff Essen (Roher Rotkiemen) Spell_INV_Misc_Fork&Knife
Self Buff Paladin Divine Intervention Spell_Nature_TimeStop
Self Buff Paladin Divine Shield Spell_Holy_DivineIntervention
Self Buff Paladin Seal of Command Ability_Warrior_InnerRage
Self Buff Paladin Seal of Light Spell_Holy_HealingAura
Self Buff Paladin Seal of Wisdom Spell_Holy_RighteousnessAura
Self Buff Paladin Seal of the Crusader Spell_Holy_HolySmite
Self Buff Paladin Seal of Righteousness Ability_ThunderBolt
Self Buff Paladin Seal of Justice Spell_Holy_SealOfWrath
Self Buff Paladin Blessing of Might Spell_Holy_FistOfJustice
Self Buff Paladin Blessing of Wisdom Spell_Holy_SealOfWisdom
Self Buff Paladin Blessing of Salvation Spell_Holy_SealOfSalvation
Self Buff Paladin Blessing of Light Spell_Holy_PrayerOfHealing02
Self Buff Paladin Blessing of Freedom Spell_Holy_SealOfValor
Self Buff Paladin Blessing of Protection Spell_Holy_SealOfProtection
Self Buff Paladin Greater Blessing of Might Spell_Holy_GreaterBlessingofKings
Self Buff Paladin Greater Blessing of Wisdom Spell_Holy_GreaterBlessingofWisdom
Self Buff Paladin Greater Blessing of Salvation Spell_Holy_GreaterBlessingofSalvation
Self Buff Paladin Greater Blessing of Light Spell_Holy_GreaterBlessingofLight
Self Buff Paladin Righteous Fury Spell_Holy_SealOfFury
Self Buff Warrior Battle Shout Ability_Warrior_BattleShout
Self Buff Warrior Berserker Rage
  • _AncestralGuardian
Proc Buff Warrior Blood Craze *_SummonImp
Self Buff Warrior Bloodrage Ability_Racial_BloodRage
Proc Buff Warrior Bloodthirst *_BloodLust
Self Buff Warrior Death Wish *_DeathPact
Proc Buff Warrior Enraged *_UnholyFrenzy
Proc Buff Warrior Flurry *_GhoulFrenzy
Self Buff Warrior Recklessness
  • _CriticalStrike
Self Buff DeathKnight Frost Presence Spell_DeathKnight_FrostPresence
Proc Buff Mage Netherwind Focus Spell_Shadow_Teleport
Pet Buff Hunter Feed Pet Ability_Hunter_BeastTraining
Pet Buff Hunter Mend Pet(Rank X) Ability_Hunter_MendPet
Pet Buff Hunter Dash(Rank X) Ability_Druid_Dash
Pet Buff Hunter Prowl(Rank X) Ability_Druid_SupriseAttack
Pet Buff Warlock Phase Shift Spell_Shadow_ImpPhaseShift
Pet Buff Warlock Health Funnel Spell_Shadow_LifeDrain
Pet Buff Warlock Consume Shadows Spell_Shadow_AntiShadow
Pet Buff Warlock Lesser Invisibility Spell_Magic_LesserInvisibility
Pet Buff Warlock Soul Link Spell_Shadow_GatherShadows
Aura Buff Paladin Devotion Aura Spell_Holy_DevotionAura
Aura Buff Paladin Retribution Aura Spell_Holy_AuraOfLight
Aura Buff Paladin Concentration Aura Spell_Holy_MindSooth
Aura Buff Paladin Shadow Resistance Aura Spell_Shadow_SealOfKings
Aura Buff Paladin Sanctity Aura Spell_Holy_MindVision
Aura Buff Paladin Frost Resistance Aura Spell_Frost_WizardMark
Aura Buff Paladin Fire Resistance Aura Spell_Fire_SealOfFire
Aura Buff Warlock Blood Pact Spell_Shadow_BloodBoil
Aura Buff Warlock Paranoia Spell_Shadow_AuraOfDarkness
Target Debuff Hunter Concussive Shot Spell_Frost_Stun
Target Debuff Hunter Hunter's Mark(Rank X) Ability_Hunter_SniperShot
Target Debuff Hunter Wing Clip(Rank X) Ability_Rogue_Trip
Target Debuff Hunter Serpent Sting Ability_Hunter_Quickshot
Target Debuff Hunter Scorpid Sting Ability_Hunter_CriticalShot
Target Debuff Hunter Viper Sting Ability_Hunter_AimedShot
Target Debuff Hunter Scatter Shot Ability_GolemStormBolt
Target Debuff Hunter Flare Ability_GolemStormBolt
Target Debuff Hunter Freezing Trap(Rank X) Spell_Frost_ChainsOfIce
Target Debuff Hunter Frost Trap Spell_Frost_FreezingBreath
Target Debuff Hunter Immolation Trap(Rank X) Spell_Fire_FlameShock
Target Debuff Hunter Explosive Trap(Rank X) Spell_Fire_SelfDestruct
Target Debuff Mage Detect Magic Spell_Holy_Dizzy
Target Debuff Mage Polymorph Spell_Nature_Polymorph
Target Debuff Mage Frostbolt Spell_Frost_FrostBolt02
Target Debuff Mage Frost Nova Spell_Frost_FrostNova
Target Debuff Mage Frostbite Spell_Frost_FrostArmor
Target Debuff Mage Scorch Spell_Fire_SoulBurn
Target Debuff Warlock Corruption(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_AbominationExplosion
Target Debuff Warlock Immolate(Rank X) Spell_Fire_Immolation
Target Debuff Warlock Siphon Life(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_Requiem
Target Debuff Warlock Drain Life(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_LifeDrain02
Target Debuff Warlock Drain Soul(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_Haunting
Target Debuff Warlock Drain Mana Spell_Shadow_SiphonMana
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of Agony(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_CurseOfSargeras
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of Weakness(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_CurseOfMannoroth
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of Shadow(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_CurseOfAchimonde
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of the Elements(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_ChillTouch
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of Doom Spell_Shadow_AuraOfDarkness
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of Tongues(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_CurseOfTounges
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of Recklessness(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_UnholyStrength
Target Debuff Warlock Curse of Exhaustion(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_GrimWard
Target Debuff Warlock Improved Shadow Bolt effect Spell_Shadow_ShadowBolt
Target Debuff Warlock Fear Spell_Shadow_Possession
Target Debuff Warlock Banish(Rank X) Shadow_Cripple
Target Debuff Warlock Enslave Demon(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_EnslaveDemon
Target Debuff Warlock Succubus Seduction Spell_Shadow_MindSteal *
Target Debuff Warlock Tainted Blood Spell_Shadow_LifeDrain
Target Debuff Warlock Spell Lock Spell_Shadow_MindRot
Target Debuff Warlock Howl of Terror Spell_Shadow_DeathScream
Target Debuff Warlock Death Coil Spell_Shadow_DeathCoil
Target Debuff Warrior Rend(Rank X) Ability_Gouge
Target Debuff Warrior ThunderClap(Rank X) Spell_Nature_ThunderClap
Target Debuff Warrior Piercing Howl Spell_Shadow_DeathScream
Target Debuff Warrior Hamstring(Rank X) Ability_ShockWave
Target Debuff Warrior Charge(Rank X) Spell_Frost_Stun
Target Debuff Warrior Intercept(Rank X) Spell_Frost_Stun
Target Debuff Warrior Concusive Blow(Rank X) Spell_Frost_Stun
Target Debuff Warrior Demoralizing Shout(Rank X) Ability_Warrior_WarCry
Target Debuff Warrior Intimidating Shout(Rank X) Ability_GolemThunderClap
Target Debuff Warrior Sunder Ability_Warrior_Sunder
Target Debuff Priest Weakened Soul Effect Spell_Holy_AshesToAshes
Target Debuff Priest Psychic Scream Spell_Shadow_PsychicScream
Target Debuff Priest Banish(Rank X) Spell_Nature_Slow
Target Debuff Druid Rake Ability_Druid_Disembowel
Target Debuff Druid Moonfire Spell_Nature_StarFall
Target Debuff Druid Faerie Fire Spell_Nature_FaerieFire
Target Debuff Druid Sleep Spell_Nature_Sleep
Target Debuff Druid Insect Swarm Spell_Nature_InsectSwarm
Target Debuff Rogue Gouge(Rank X) Ability_Gouge
Target Debuff Rogue Garrote(Rank X) Ability_Rogue_Garrote
Target Debuff Rogue Blind(Rank X) Spell_Shadow_MindSteal *
Target Debuff Rogue Rupture(Rank X) Ability_Rogue_Rupture
Target Debuff Rogue Cheap Shot(Rank X) Ability_CheapShot
Target Debuff Rogue Sap(Rank X) Ability_Sap
Target Debuff Rogue Expose Armor(Rank X) Ability_Warrior_Riposte
Target Debuff Rogue Hemorrhage Spell_Shadow_LifeDrain
Target Debuff Rogue Kidney shot Ability_Rogue_KidneyShot
Target Debuff Shaman Frost Shock Spell_Frost_FrostShock
Target Debuff Shadow_DeathScream
Target Debuff Shadow_ShadowWordPain
Target Debuff Shadow_BlackPlague
Target Debuff Shadow_AbonimationExplosion
Target Debuff Shadow_CurseOfSargeras
Target Debuff Fire_FlameBolt
Target Debuff Fire_Fireball02
Target Debuff Frost_Stun
Target Debuff Frost_ChainsOfIce
Target Debuff Druid Entangling Root Nature_StrangleVines
Target Debuff Priest Starfall Nature_Starfall
Target Debuff Priest Holy Fire Spell_Holy_SearingLight
Target Debuff Ability_BackStab
Target Debuff Ability_ShockWave
Target Debuff Ability_Vanish
Target Debuff Ability_Warrior_SavageBlow
Target Debuff Misc_Bandage_08
Proc Buff Priest Inspiration INV_SHIELD_06

Sorry for putting some German text in here but I don't know the English client's equivalents. Feel free to change them to the English ones.

In general, it's not the effects name, it's the icon's name; Demon Skin and Demon Armor is therefore virtually the same. This can be useful because it will not require an update when the Rank value changes.

  • Note that the Succubus' seduction affect is apparently the same as the rogue's blind ability (I have not verified Blind, but I have verified Seduction) - Voratus
  • Note that the Combustion effect is apparently the same as the Fire Aura of the paladin - Filunar
  • Please note that when identifying buffs, it works to just use the last set of letters after the underscore. i.e., Spell_Holy_SealOfProtection would be ( HasBuff("SealOfProtection") ). P.S., Yes, Blessing of Might is Spell_Holy_GreaterBlessingofKings, I didn't get confused. I don't have Kings so I can't say what is just yet.

Macro for querying in-game[edit]

/script function m(s) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(s); end for i=1,16 do s=UnitBuff("target", i); if(s) then m("B "..i..": "..s); end s=UnitDebuff("target", i); if(s) then m("D "..i..": "..s); end end

Results in something along the lines of:

B 1: Interface\Icons\Spell_Holy_WordFortitude
D 1: Interface\Icons\Ability_Gouge
B 2: Interface\Icons\INV_Jewelry_Talisman_07

Finding rare buff icon names[edit]

This info is stripped from a post I made on the EU forums regarding macros. Sarf

If you don't want to debug stuff runtime, you can always use the online resources available to us. I use Thottbot.

Thott (of Thottbot fame) has simply copied the icons from WoW and put them on his site so that you can see the actual icons belonging to the spells (he's done this by datamining the client side databases, so no server hacking was involved ^^).

For example, to get the Wyvern Sting debuff, use the link:

Now, right click the first image that actually belongs to the ability (basically, check that it has a level and belongs to a skill). Now, view the image of that icon:

Image:INV Spear 02.png

(this was what I got - you may get different servers due to load balancing)

Aha! Now, ingame, the folder path is actually using backslash (which, in lua translates to double backslashes due to backslash being an "escape" character) and without file extension. To avoid this mess (and shorten our macros) we will simply use the stuff from the end of "Icons/" until the ".jpg" (or a part of it).

This leaves us with:


Now, if that is too much for our macro, we shorten it down to



In an addon, you should change "Interface/Icons/INV_Spear_02.jpg" into "Interface\\Icons\\INV_Spear_02"