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Slash commands

Affects the Icon to be shown, there are several versions of this:

#show spellname   <--Shows a spell icon
#show itemname    <--Shows an item by name
#show BagId slot  <--Shows an item by bag slot
#show InvSlot     <--Shows an item by inventory slot
#show             <--Shows an icon dynamically (See Notes)




Name of the spell of whose icon is to be shown
Name of the item of whose icon is to be shown.
The bag the item is in (0 is backpack, etc...)
The slot number, starting at 1, of the item you wish to show
The slot on your character in which to show an item.


In order for this to work, you must select the "?" icon.
If you don't know the spell, don't have the item, or the position you specified on your character or bag is empty, the button will show the default "?" icon.
Other data affecting the button's appearance will be pulled from this as well, such as the green border around equipped items, the number of items you have, the number of reagents for the specified spell you have, etc...
The click action of the button will not be affected by this, you still need to use the commands to make the button do something.
Any successive metacommands to define the icon or tooltip will be ignored
This does not affect the tooltip of the macro. If you want to specify both the icon and tooltip, you should use #showtooltip.
Omitting arguments to this metacommand will have no effect. By default, the UI will pull information from /cast, /castsequence, /castrandom, /use, /userandom, /equip, or /equipslot.