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Console variables < uiScale

This variable is used to scale the User Interface. You must have the variable useUiScale set to 1 for this variable to be of any effect.

This is a decimal number Greater than 0. where one is at full size, .75 is 75%, 1 is normal size, 1.25 is 25% larger.

Tested Blizz Value range is between .65 and 1.15 (1 being the same as unscaled) You can go outside that but be careful!


  • SET uiScale "1.0"

In Console:

  • /console uiscale 1.0

Acceptable values

  • 0.64 up to 8.0 and beyond
    • Values lower than 1.0 shrink the size interface. Values higher than 1.0 increase the size of the interface.
    • Values lower than 0.64 have no effect