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Ace is a lightweight and powerful system for building World of Warcraft AddOns. It is a new approach to addon development, a rethinking from the ground up.

Ace provides developers with the tools needed by most AddOns, freeing them from repeating common tasks and allowing them to jump right into the creative part of building their AddOns. New and experienced AddOn coders alike can benefit from Ace's features.

Also see: Ace2, Ace3

Feature list[edit]

Brief feature list and component overview of Ace2

  • AceLibrary handles version compatibility of libraries - Ace ones as well as your own. It also helps with error handling
  • AceOO provides an object-orientation framework
  • AceAddon is Ace's main interface to AddOns. Ace components present their functionality through it. It also handles simple initialization events
  • AceConsole provides console I/O functionality - slash commands, easy printing, etc
  • AceDB allows for fast, clean, and featureful saved variable access, including per-class settings and more
  • AceEvent allows for simple event handling, scheduling, and inter-addon communication
  • AceDebug simplifies AddOn debugging
  • AceHook provides safe hooking of functions, methods, and scripts
  • AceLocale makes localization (translation) of your AddOns ridiculously simple
  • AceModuleCore helps you split your AddOn into separate "modules" that can easily be turned on and off. Handles enabling/disabling of events, hooks, tooltip scanners

Ace also has built-in myAddons support.

Ace2 was a major step up in documentation from Ace, and also allows the library (whichever parts you need) to be fully embedded into your AddOn if you do not want to depend on Ace being installed separately.

Ace and Ace2 are at end of life currently and superseded by Ace3.

Ace's design philosophy[edit]

The primary design philosophy of Ace is simple: less is more. This means less code, fewer resources used, less effort designing an addon, less stress on the UI. Every aspect of Ace is scrutinized for efficiency, not only in code design but in ensuring that only the necessary amount of memory and processing is used to perform a given task.

Ace seeks to consolidate this knowledge into a central resource, providing developers with a full addon framework that is easy to use, very flexible, and very powerful. This framework provides the most common components addons need, like data management and chat command handling, and it also provides a glue that links addons together and allows them to share system resources smoothly and efficiently.

Ace Resources[edit]