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From TableLibraryTutorial of

table.foreachi(table, f)
foreaci(table, f)

Apply the function f to the elements of the table passed. On each iteration the function f is passed the index-value pair of that element in the table. This is similar to table.foreach() except that index-value pairs are passed, not key-value pairs. If the function f returns a non-nil value the iteration loop terminates.

> t = { 1,2,"three"; pi=3.14159, banana="yellow" }
> table.foreachi(t, print)
1       1
2       2
3       three

Note in the example only the indexed elements of the table are displayed. See the TablesTutorial for more information on key-value and index-value pairs.

Also note that foreachi starts at index [1], increments the index by one repeatedly, and stops running as soon as it reaches a nil value. This is an example:

> t = { [0]      = "zero",   --will not be counted
        [1]      = "one",    --will be counted; 1
        [2]      = "two",    --will be counted; 2
        [3]      = "three",  --will be counted; 3
        ["four"] = "four",   --will not be counted; returns 3
        [5]      = "five" }  --will never be reached
> foreachi(t, print)
1       one
2       two
3       three

In the above, it starts at t[1] (not t[0]) and counts to t[3], printing the corresponding values along the way. It then checks t[4], sees it is nil, and stops running. t[5] is never checked - this will not hit every array index in a table, only the consecutive ones from one up until it hits its first blank index.