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WoW API < UnitThreatSituation

Returns brief information about a unit's standing in another unit's threat table. Added in Patch 3.0.

status = UnitThreatSituation("unit"[, "otherunit"])



string - the unit token of the unit whose threat to query (e.g. "player", "party2", "pet", etc.)
string (optional) - the unit token of the unit whose threat table to query (e.g. "target", "pettarget" etc.)


integer - returns the threat status for the unit:
With otherunit specified
  • nil = unit is not on otherunit's threat table.
  • 0 = not tanking, lower threat than tank.
  • 1 = not tanking, higher threat than tank.
  • 2 = insecurely tanking, another unit have higher threat but not tanking.
  • 3 = securely tanking, highest threat
Without otherunit specified
  • nil = unit is not on any other unit's threat table.
  • 0 = not tanking anything.
  • 1 = not tanking anything, but have higher threat than tank on at least one unit.
  • 2 = insecurely tanking at least one unit, but not securely tanking anything.
  • 3 = securely tanking at least one unit.


local status, statustxts = UnitThreatSituation("player", "target"), { "low on threat",  "overnuking", "losing threat", "tanking securely" }
print("You are " .. statustxts[status + 1] .. ".")


Prints a description of the player's threat situation to the chat frame. e.g.

You are overnuking.


  • This function will return nil if the unit is not on the second unit's threat list, or if either unit isn't available.

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