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WoW API < ToggleDropDownMenu

"I" iconThis function is implemented in Lua here FrameXML/UIDropDownMenu.lua.

Toggles a dropdown menu.

ToggleDropDownMenu(level, value, dropDownFrame, anchorName, xOffset, yOffset)



  • level (number) - Nesting level of this dropdown.
  • value (any type) - Custom value for the dropdown item, if 'level' > 1.
  • dropDownFrame (frame table) - The frame object to toggle, not its string name. This object should be derived from 'UIDropDownMenuTemplate'.
  • anchorName (string) - Sets the 'relativeTo' member of this frame. Optional
  • xOffset (number) - Sets the x offset. Optional
  • yOffset (number) - Sets the y offset. Optional
  • menuList (table) - Automatically Passed to the to 'menuList' on the API UIDropDownMenu_Initialize function, and set to 'menuList' member on the dropDownFrame frame table. Optional
  • button (button table) - Drop down menu anchor point. Default is 'dropDownFrame' or successive parent dropdown menu button.
  • autoHideDelay (number) - Seconds to delay before hiding an inactive menu. Default is 2.




ToggleDropDownMenu(1, nil, PlayerFrameDropDown, "PlayerFrame", 106, 27)