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WoW API < SwapRaidSubgroup

Swaps two players in a raid.

SwapRaidSubgroup(index1, index2);

index1 - ID of first raid member (1 ... MAX_RAID_MEMBERS)
index2 - ID of second raid member (1 ... MAX_RAID_MEMBERS)

Swap raid member (ID=20) with raid member (ID=25)
SwapRaidSubgroup(20, 15);

More info on raid indecies
(As of 3.1, this no longer accurate. Raid indices now reorder themselves every time the raid layout changes.)
Regarding the corrispondance of raid indecies to players. Let C be the list of players in a raid ordered by their raid index. It appears that after any series of changes is made to the raid, at the end all players from C still in the raid will retain their original ordering (even if they left and rejoined the raid), with new members existing at any index 0<i<=40.