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Sorts an existing /who list; displays the Who List frame if not visible.



(string sortType)
String - The type of sort you wish to apply to the who list. This can be anything you could normally sort by clicking column headers in the Who frame:
  • "Name"
  • "Level" (note that the column header is labeled Lvl)
  • "Class"
  • "Zone"
  • "Guild"
  • "Race"
Any other value (but nil) for sortType is treated the same as "Name".


SortWho appears to always return nil.

Triggers Events[edit]

The API doesn't actually show the who list frame. It triggers an event that causes the frame to show.   --Mikk (T) 18:41, 22 September 2006 (EDT)




Displays the current who frame and applies a sort by level, reversing the sort if the frame was previously sorted by level.


  • Calling the same sort twice will reverse the sort.
  • You may sort by Guild, Race, or Zone even if it is not the currently selected second column on the who frame.
  • Calling SortWho will display the who frame if it is not currently visible and apply the sort.