WoW API: SetLootThreshold

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WoW API < SetLootThreshold

Sets the loot quality threshold as a number for the party or raid.



Number - The loot quality to start using the current loot method with.
  • 0 - Poor
  • 1 - Common
  • 2 - Uncommon
  • 3 - Rare
  • 4 - Epic
  • 5 - Legendary
  • 6 - Artifact


/script SetLootThreshold(2)


If you are the party or raid leader, the script will set the loot threshold to Uncommon(green) items or better and report its new status.


  • Setting loot threshold below Uncommon(green) will result in an error.
  • Calling this while the loot method is changing will revert to the original loot method. To account for this I simply set the loot threshold 1 second after calling API_SetLootMethod