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WoW API < SetConsoleKey

Sets the key used to open the console overlay for the current session. Upon restarting the game, the console key will return to the default "`" (tilde) key.

Note that the console is only accessible when WoW is started with the "-console" parameter, and that this function does nothing if the parameter wasn't used.




String - The character to bind to opening the console overlay. When set to nil, the console binding gets removed.


Unlike the analogous SetBinding() function, you can only provide the values of keys that represent standard ASCII characters--no modifiers are allowed. For instance, SetConsoleKey("CTRL-F") won't work, but SetConsoleKey("F") will. In addition, non-alphabetic keys that require modifiers to access, such as "!" using <Shift+1>, cannot be used.

It should be noted that the console key is a very special keybinding in WoW; whenever the bound key is pressed, regardless of context or mode, the console window will appear (or disappear, if it's already visible). This means that setting the console key to "F" will prevent you from ever generating the "F" character again, even if it's in a chat window or within the console itself.

Using SaveBindings() does not permanently save this particular binding to disk.