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WoW API < SendWho

Sends a Who request, much like using the slash command /who or entering a query in the entry field of the Who List.



(String filter)
The critera for which you want to perform a Who query, surrounded by quotation marks. This can be anything for which you could normally search in a Who query:
  • Name (minimum of 3 characters; string can appear anywhere in the name)
  • Name (n-\"<char_name>\")
  • Zone (z-\"<zone_name>\")
  • Race (r-\"<race_name>\")
  • Class (c-\"<class_name>\")
  • Guild (g-\"<guild_name>\")
  • Level (<lower_limit>-<higher_limit> or <single_level>)
These can be combined, but no more than one of each type can be searched for at once. Note that the quotation marks around the zone, race, and class must be present, and they must be escaped (\").
None of these are required; you may send a blank query:
/script SendWho("");
This returns up to 50 apparently-random players, throughout the world, as if you had simply typed "/who" into the chat frame. (The quotation marks must be present, even if you are not submitting any criteria!)


SendWho appears to always return nil.


SendWho('bob z-"Teldrassil" r-"Night Elf" c-"Rogue" 10-15');


Searches for Night Elf Rogues in Teldrassil, of levels 10-15, with the string "bob" in their names.