WoW API: QuestMapGetPOIInfoForQuest

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WoW API < QuestMapGetPOIInfoForQuest

Returns details about a point of interest on the map.

local mapID, x, y, icon, text = QuestMapGetPOIInfoForQuest(questIndex, poiIndex) 



  • questIndex (number) - The quest log index for the quest of interest
  • poiIndex (number) - The index of the Point of Interest on the map


  • mapID (number) - This may be a number or GUID - not really sure
  • x (number) - The X position on the map of the queried item
  • y (number) - The y position on the map of the queried item
  • icon (string) - Icon texture name? of the queried item
  • text (string) - Text about the queried item


  • This function was added in patch 3.2 (August, 2009)

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