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WoW API < PlaySoundFile

Plays the specified audio file once. Unlike PlayMusic, you cannot stop the playback.

PlaySoundFile("path"[, "channel"])


String – The path and name of the sound file you'd like to play, relative to the WoW directory; both ogg and mp3 formats are accepted. The file must exist prior to logging in to WoW.
String – Either "Master" (this will play the sound also with disabled sounds like before 4.0.1), "SFX", "Ambience", "Music".


You can play a sound file included with your addon:


Or one of the ones shipped with WoW (Power of the Horde, in this case):



  • There does not appear to be a bad error if the file is missing - it just won't play. There is a return status, which is 1 if the sound was OK and nil if it couldn't be found.
  • This API call was broken in patch 1.11 and was fixed in patch 1.11.2.
  • As of 4.0.1, custom .wav files are no longer supported.

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