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WoW API < GetTalentTabInfo

Returns the information of the talent tab (tree)

local id, name, description, iconTexture, pointsSpent, background, previewPointsSpent, isUnlocked = GetTalentTabInfo(tabIndex[, inspect[, isPet]][, talentGroup])


Number - Specifies which tab (tree) to identify.
Boolean - If true returns the information for the inspected unit instead of the player. New with 2.3.
Boolean - If true then the current pet's talents are examined instead of a player. New with 3.0.2.
Number - Optionally specifies which talent group (dual spec) to query.


Number - The id of that tab.
String - The name of that tab.
String - The localized summary of that tab.
String - Path and file name of tab icon.
Integer - Number of points put into that tab.
String - File name of background image.
Number - Points spent in tab.
Boolean - Whether the player has access to put points in that tab.


The following code displays the tabIndex number for each tab followed by the name of the tab.

for i = 1, GetNumTalentTabs() do
       local _, name = GetTalentTabInfo(i)
       DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( i .. ' ' .. name .. ' ' )

Using this with an 85 Unholy Death Knight...

for i = 1, GetNumTalentTabs() do
       local id, name, description, iconTexture, pointsSpent, background, previewPointsSpent, isUnlocked = GetTalentTabInfo( 1, Partycheck, false, i )
       local id, name, description, iconTexture, pointsSpent, background, previewPointsSpent, isUnlocked = GetTalentTabInfo( 2, Partycheck, false, i )

Gives the results...

398 Blood A dark guardian who manipulates and corrupts life energy to sustain herself in the face of an enemy onslaught. Interface\Icons\Spell_Deathknight_BloodPresence 3 DeathKnightBlood 0 true
399 Frost An icy harbinger of doom, channeling runic power and delivering rapid weapon strikes. Interface\Icons\Spell_Deathknight_FrostPresence 3 DeathKnightFrost 0 true
400 Unholy A master of death and decay, spreading infection and controlling undead minions to do her bidding. Interface\Icons\Spell_Deathknight_UnholyPresence 35 DeathKnightUnholy 0 true

A useful way to gather information on a character's mainspecc.


  • Passing a true value for isPet should only work if the player is a hunter and has a pet active.
  • In order for this function to return any useful information one of the following must occur:
    • You're using it to get information regarding your player's current spec. In which case, you will not be passing the second argument. The client already knows everything it needs to know about you, so you don't need to inspect yourself.
    • You're currently inspecting the unit and pass true as the second argument. In other words, the inspect frame is open and you have a target.
    • You're calling NotifyInspect(unit), are waiting for INSPECT_READY to fire, and are passing true as the second argument. After the event fires, the client will have the information you desire.

Patch changes[edit]

Template:Mists-inline <span style="" title="Patch 5.0.4">Patch 5.0.4</span> (patch date::28-August-2012): Replaced by GetSpecializationInfo.
Template:Wotlk-inline/Template:Cata-inline <span style="" title="Patch 4.0.1">Patch 4.0.1</span> (patch date::12-Oct-2010): Return values id, description, and isUnlocked were added.

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