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Retrieves the spell name and spell rank for a spell in the player's spellbook. If you're trying to read the spell book at login, register for the PLAYER_LOGIN event.

spellName, spellRank = GetSpellName( spellId, bookType );

Integer - Spell ID. Valid values are 1 through total number of spells in the spellbook on all pages and all tabs, ignoring empty slots.
String - Either BOOKTYPE_SPELL ("spell") or BOOKTYPE_PET ("pet").

String - Name of the spell as it appears in the spellbook, eg. "Lesser Heal"
String - The spell rank or type, eg. "Rank 3", "Racial Passive". This can be an empty string. Note: for the Enchanting trade skill at rank Apprentice, the returned string contains a trailing space, ie. "Apprentice ". This might be the case for other trade skills and ranks also.

local i = 1
while true do
   local spellName, spellRank = GetSpellName(i, BOOKTYPE_SPELL)
   if not spellName then
      do break end
   -- use spellName and spellRank here
   DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( spellName .. '(' .. spellRank .. ')' )
   i = i + 1
Displays every spell in the player's spellbook, on all pages and all tabs, in the format required by CastSpellByName.

Cataclysm Change[edit]

This function has been renamed to GetSpellBookItemName(). Also in 4.0.1, certain spells will not appear in the player's spell book, such as Track Beasts. As such, it will not be searchable from this function.