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WoW API < GetMasterLootCandidate

Returns the name of the player at the specified index, who would receive an item assigned by GiveMasterLoot(slot, index) using the same index.

candidate = GetMasterLootCandidate(slot, index);



The loot slot number of the item you want to get information about
The number of the player whose name you wish to return. Typically between 1 and 40. Can exceed the value of GetNumRaidMembers()


The name of the player at index.


for li = 1, GetNumLootItems() do
  for ci = 1, 40 do
     if GetMasterLootCandidate(li, ci) then 
       DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(ci.." -> "..GetMasterLootCandidate(li, ci))

Lists master loot candidates by index. - These are the people capable of receiving loot from the Master Looter. This function is only usable by the master looter.

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This appears not to work unless you are the master looter, and not until the list of candidates has been built by the system, which looks like after you first try and assign an item.

Also if you were master looter of a group, and then join another group later and are not the master looter, it will return the names of candidates from your previous group. -- Haarm

This does not return consistent results from invocation to invocation. With a simple for loop over two members of a party, GetMasterLootCandidate(1) was not always the same member of the party. No PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED events fired, either. -- Hazara Khan