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WoW API < GetLocaleReturns information about the client locale.

locale = GetLocale();


The locale is what makes it possible to know what language the interface is using and thus determine which specific code is going to be executed in a localized addon.

Typically, this is used in a GetLocale block:


if (GetLocale() == "frFR") then
    -- things for the french client
    -- for the rest, usually english since it's the default language


  • "frFR": French (France)
  • "deDE": German (Germany)
  • "enGB": English (Great Britain) if returned, can substitute 'enUS' for consistancy
  • "enUS": English (America)
  • "itIT": Italian (Italy)
  • "koKR": Korean (Korea) RTL - right-to-left
  • "zhCN": Chinese (China) (simplified) implemented LTR left-to-right in WoW
  • "zhTW": Chinese (Taiwan) (traditional) implemented LTR left-to-right in WoW
  • "ruRU": Russian (Russia)
  • "esES": Spanish (Spain)
  • "esMX": Spanish (Mexico)
  • "ptBR": Portuguese (Brazil)