WoW API: GetFramerate

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WoW API < GetFramerate

Retrieve the current framerate (frames / second).

local framerate = GetFramerate();


Float - The current framerate in frames per second.

 local framerate = GetFramerate();
 message("Your current FPS is " .. floor(framerate) .. "fps.");

Displays the current framerate in a message box.

Returns the current framerate.

You can also see the same framerate in the WorldFrame with the keybind, Toggle Framerate Display (usually Control - R) where the FPS indicator can appear in the bottom-middle of the screen. You can also see the same framerate in the tooltip of the GameMenu button on the main actionbar.

Notice the framerate displayed here adjusts slowly when the FPS quickly drops from 60 to 6, for example. If the FPS drops very fast, this function will be decreasing to 40, 20, 15, etc, for the next couple seconds until it reaches 6. This delay means it is not as accurate as third party FPS programs, but still functional. Alternatively, no delay is seen when the FPS is increased quickly.