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Returns the value of a specific attribute (or an attribute matching the prefix/suffix arguments).

value = frame:GetAttribute(name);
value = frame:GetAttribute(prefix, name, suffix);


String - modifier prefix string: a concatenation of alt-, ctrl-, and shift-, whichever apply, in that order.
Attribute name. If passed as the only argument, this may be a fully qualified value; otherwise, it is the unmodified name of the attribute being retrieved.
String - button suffix string: either a numeric string or a dash followed by an arbitrary button name.


Mixed - the value of the matching attribute; nil if no attribute matched the arguments.

Matching order[edit]

When invoked with three arguments, this function attempts to return attributes in the following order (returning the first attribute that exists):

  1. prefix .. name .. suffix
  2. "*" .. name .. suffix
  3. prefix .. name .. "*"
  4. "*" .. name .. "*"
  5. name