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Edit macro command/button.

EditMacro(index or macroName, name, icon, body, local, perCharacter)

This function may only be called when out of combat.


(index or macroName, name, icon, body, local, perCharacter)
index or macroName
Number or string - the index or name of the macro to be edited. Index ranges from 1 to 36 for account wide macros and 37 to 54 for character specific.
String - The name of the macro to be displayed in the UI. The current UI imposes a 16-character limit. The name remains unchanged if nil.
Numeric - A 1-based iconTextureId (index of icon textures as displayed in "Change Name/Icon" UI). Check the current number of icon textures available by calling GetNumMacroIcons(). The icon remains unchanged if nil.
String - The macro commands to be executed. If this string is longer than 255 characters, only the first 255 will be saved.
Numeric - Purpose unknown, always 1.
Archaic. Now purposeless, since character and account macros are given unique IDs.


Numeric - The new index of the macro, as displayed in the "Create Macros" UI. Same as argument "index" unless the macro name is changed, as they are sorted alphabetically.


macroId = EditMacro(1, "MyMacro", 12, "/script CastSpellById(1);", 1, 1);


  • If this function is called from within the macro that is edited, the rest of the macro (from the final character's position of the /run command onward) will run the new version.