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WildStar uses an AddOn style system for the User Interface functionality that you see in the game. This system is open and allows users to add their own 'AddOns' to customize their own UI. See UI AddOn for information on AddOn development.

AddOn management[edit]

Pressing the 'Esc' key and clicking 'AddOns' will access the system menu interface for viewing the AddOn list and managing the current AddOns. AddOns can be viewed for status, enabled and disabled, and checked for error messages here. The user interface itself can be reloaded (or rebooted) on demand by clicking the 'ReloadUI' button in the lower right corner. When clicking this button, the user will remain logged in and character will remain in the same state.

Manage AddOns[edit]

  • press 'Esc'
  • Click 'AddOns'



See also[edit]

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