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Console variables

CVars in this category have been removed in a previous patch.

Additionally, the following CVars did not have documentation at WoWWiki before they were removed:

SoundUseHardware - Replaced by Sound EnableHardware
automoveturnspeedwide - ?
automoveturnspeednarrow - ?
anisotropic - Anisotropic Filtering in video settings, from 1 to 16
baseMip - Replaced by terrainMipLevel
CombatDeathLogRange - Defines the range in which players/mobs dying will be recorded in the combat log or not
CombatModeMaxDistance - Range for combat auto target
doodadAnim - Toggle animated geometry
EmoteSounds - Replaced by Sound EnableEmoteSounds
EnableAmbience - replaced by Sound EnableAmbience
EnableErrorSpeech - Replaced by Sound EnableErrorSpeech
EnableMusic - Replaced by Sound EnableMusic
EnableSoundWhenGameIsInBG - Replaced by Sound EnableSoundWhenGameIsInBG
flatFileSystem - Flatten the on-disk hierarchy (?)
frillDensity - Replaced by groundEffectDensity
frilldistance - Replaced by groundEffectDist
fullAlpha - Enable full alpha on terrain doodads
EnableGroupSpeech - Enable voice emotes (?)
M2ForceAdditiveParticleSort - force all particles to sort as though they were additive
M2OverrideModel - replace one model with another
M2UsePixelShaders - Enable pixel shaders for models
M2UseShaders - Enable vertex shaders for models
mapObjOverbright - Enables Color Bleeding for Bright Lights
MapWaterSounds - Enable water sounds
MasterSoundEffects - ?
MasterVolume - Replaced by Sound MasterVolume
MusicVolume - Replaced by Sound MusicVolume
PlayerAnim - ?
SoundBufferSize - Sound buffer size
SoundDriver - Sound driver
SoundInitFlags - Initialization flags for sound system (?)
SoundMixer - Sound mixer to use
SoundMixRate - Sound mix rate
SoundOutputSystem - Sound system
SoundReverb - Enables sound reflections depending on room size
SoundRolloffFactor - Sound rolloff factor (?)
SoundVolume - Sound volume
TargetAnim - ?
Trilinear - Enable trilinear filtering

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