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AddOn Studio 2022 for World of Warcraft is a fully-featured development environment for creating and developing AddOns for World of Warcraft. AddOn Studio features a professional Lua editor with full code-completion and other modern facilities, an integrated visual WoW UI designer, SVN and Git code repository support, project based WoW:AddOn file management and deployment, and much more.

AddOn Studio 2022 for World of Warcraft

To get started follow the steps below. Feel free to visit the following pages for more information and help. Twitter: @AddonStudioWoW. Documentation: Getting Started. History: Release History. WoW API: UI Customization. Support and Discord: AddOn Studio Discord. Issues: GitHub. Donations: PayPal.

AddOn Studio 2022

What you need

Important Note: The Visual Studio 2022 17.8.x versions do not work due to issues/bugs in the Visual Studio core editor. You will need to roll-back to a previous VS 17.7.x version in the Visual Studio Installer if VS is already installed and you upgraded, or update to Visual Studio 17.9 release/preview or newer.
  1. Visual Studio 2022 Community (free), using one of these install links:
  2. AddOn Studio 2022 for WoW:
  3. Follow these instructions:

Other installs and downloads

Current version:

Previous versions:

Alternate file download services graciously donated by 'The Core Hosting' internet hosting     The Core Hosting


Other editions:

Release information:

Recent features

New Features for 221031 preview:

Dragonflight and Patch 10.0.0
Works with new formats and files

New Features for 210131 preview:

AddOn Studio 2015 for WoW with a few examples of new theme updates
Patch 9.0.2 and Shadowlands
New frames now include 9.0 backdrop code.
Theme support extended to many new places including, backdrop designer, and the font and texture selectors. Many fixes for long standing issues with tree views and other IDE elements.
Many general fixes and updates, including fixes for gradient rendering, backdrop rending and others.
See the full list of changes for 210131.0 beta in release history

New Features for 191009:

Patch 8.2 and the Rise of Azshara Battle for Azeroth
May wish to check the AddOn Studio option for 'Tools > Options > AddOn Studio > World of Warcraft > WoW install location'. This option currently defaults to first installed game version, which for many will be the '_retail_' folder, and for some may be the '_classic_' folder. After changing the option, AddOn Studio must be restarted to take effect. Likewise changing this option to the '_ptr_' folder will target the PTR. For most the default will be '_retail_' and will just work. Will look into settings to make this easier, possibly per project. For targeting Classic, see below.
Preview of AddOn Studio 2015 working with the new World of Warcraft Classic
World of Warcraft Classic
New support for World of Warcraft Classic was added for AddOn Studio 2010 and 2022, which can be used now in the current beta. The WoW install base option in AddOn Studio may need to set to '_classic_' in 'Tools > Options > AddOn Studio > World of Warcraft > Alternate install location' for most users. This option currently defaults to first installed game version, which for many will be '_retail_'. After changing the option, AddOn Studio must be restarted to take effect.
New Themes
  • Dark Theme: Dark AS
  • Blue Theme: Blue AS
  • Alternate Dark Theme: Dark AS Eclipse
  • Alternate Dark Theme with Solarized Editor: Dark AS Eclipse (Solar)
AddOn Studio 2015 with the DarkAS Theme and the new 'Solar' code colorization
After getting used to the colorization in the MediaWiki built-in Wiki Lua scripting editor for the last week or so, which is a variant of the popular color scheme "Solarized" by Ethan Schoonover, I decided make similar work-a-like color theme in AddOn Studio as I was editing back and forth a lot, and to see how it would look. And I wanted to share for others to possibly enjoy a similar rendition of "Solarized" in AddOn Studio. The AS version has more contrast and hue separation to work in larger range of lighting conditions and screen brightness levels and types, and to be closer to other VS color themes. These will also work in the AddOn Studio 2022 for WildStar beta.
AddOn Studio 2015 with the "Eclipse" DarkAS Theme and the new 'Solar' code colorization
  • Eclipse Dark Theme
  • Solarized' Dark Theme
In memoriam of yesterday's full solar eclipse, is the new "Eclipse" Dark AS theme above, which mutes all of the overly bright IDE colors present in the normal VS 'Dark' theme. For some may make it much easier to focus on the code. The normal Visual Studio 'Dark' theme has many florescent style bright elements which are significantly brighter than the actual text edit window. This theme brings the brightness of all non-editor elements to 'at or below' the brightness of the editor window itself. A pre-built 'Eclipse (Solar)' with the "Solar" editor color scheme released the day before, is added for convenience. The can also now be imported on top of any theme, rather than just on 'Dark AS' as it was yesterday.
Themes Usage:
Can be selected in 'Tools > Options > General'.

Getting started

Initial installation
  1. Download and install the Visual Studio Community 2022 above
    • Must add the '.Net desktop development' workload
    • Other defaults are fine
    • Can skip 'Launch' after install
  2. Download AddOn Studio 2022 for World of Warcraft
    • Open the downloaded '.zip' or '.7z' file
    • Copy the folder 'AddOn Studio for WoW 2022' to any location you like,
      such as: 'd:\apps', or your Desktop
    • Run 'WowAddonStudio.exe'. Or, create a short-cut and run that instead.
  1. Rename or delete the installed 'AddOn Studio for WoW 2022' folder.
  2. Follow the Installation steps above, skipping the Visual Studio 2022 install portion.
Basic usage
  1. Create a new Project
  2. Add existing files or create new ones
  3. Deploy to WoW by clicking 'Build'
  4. Run WoW or use '/reload' to use your AddOn...

Product history

See AddOn Studio for WoW for a list of all editions, and release history for detailed changes for each release.

This 'AddOn Studio 2022 for World of Warcraft' is a continuation of the previous AddOn Studio 2015 for World of Warcraft edition, but built on Visual Studio 2022.

Both the 'AddOn Studio 2010 for WoW' and 'AddOn Studio 2015 for WoW' editions will continue to be updated in parallel in perpetuity. This gives users a choice of which IDE's style, platform support, and functionality they are more comfortable with.

Today's Reality

The general concepts of game and AddOn development, especially for WoW itself, are far more well understood and by a larger audience today, than they were during the time of the original World of Warcraft. And since the introduction of AddOn Studio for WoW many games have come, and some gone, using Lua and similar game customization methods as WoW. With this the general expectations of quality in consumer level development tools has risen as well.

AddOn Studio 2022 improves on the 2015 edition, with an even more advanced and complete set of IDE features, and is a powerful general IDE for WoW AddOn development. AoS uses a free Visual Studio back-end, with support for graphical Frame XML AddOn development. One of AddOn Studio's goals is combine these together to help make WoW AddOn development tools real first class citizens, in a game tools world where that almost never happens.

What Changed

New features and changes for the AddOn Studio 2022 edition on initial release:

See AddOn Studio 2015 for WoW: What Changed for previous changes
What Works

Short list covering major historical issues addressed in AddOn Studio 2022 for WoW.

Updated Support:

  • Includes support for current versions of WoW, originally released with support for Shadowlands as well as continuing support for WoW Legion, Warlords of Draenor, and earlier game content files, and Blizzard interface 'toolkits'. Support for new WoW releases is ongoing.
  • Further SCC Integration for GIT - the new version includes an optional, integrated, and functional version of GIT, with full support for all context menus. This is in addition to the previous SVN support. This allows using Curse Forge or other Git support for remote code repositories. There is tested support for sites like the Curse Forge sponsored WowAce and Curse Forge.
  • Windows 11 - using newer set of tools and compilers support was updated for a smoother experience on the new OS, and should still be backward compatible as far back as Visual Studio 2022 support goes back to Vista and above, but not Windows XP, Windows 2000, NT 4.0, or Windows 95. Windows Vista requires Vista SP1. AddOn Studio 2010 for WoW still has support for Windows XP.
See AddOn Studio 2015 for WoW: What Works for previous enhancements


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