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WoWBench » Contributing

WoWBench is released under a BSD-style license, which basically means anyone can do whatever they want with it, but needs to attribute the effort to the "WoWBench developer community" if used anywhere.

The central sourcecode repository of WoWBench is hosted on

"I" iconSee WoWBench/To do for a list of things to do -- and make a note when you've ... well.. done much other than add APIs, really.

How to contribute[edit]

  • To get the latest sources from the repository, use a SubVersion client. I heartily recommend TortoiseSVN for windows users. It plugs straight into the file explorer.
    • Anyone can download the sources. You do not have to register for a account.
  • You can submit your patches to the WoWBench patches page for someone else to integrate.
  • Or talk to Mikk for possible SVN committ access at

We want your hacks, too![edit]

If you're creating hacks to test something in your AddOn, and you think there's even a remote chance that it may be of use to someone else, we'll gladly accept them. Your audience is other developers in the same situation as yourself!

Either submit your hack via the patch page (linked above), or host it anywhere else you like. Please add a quick description of your hack in WoWBench/Hacks.

More information[edit]