WoW:Hooking outgoing chat messages

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To modify outgoing chat messages we are going to hook the ChatEdit_ParseText function. However, this function also handles macros; so to avoid tainting we must use hooksecurefunc() to hook the function properly. Otherwise, your macros will no longer work.

  -- Place this code in the OnLoad function of your addon

MyAddon_ParseText will now be called after ChatEdit_ParseText has had a chance to handle macros and slash commands.

  function MyAddon_ParseText(chatEntry, send)
     -- This function actually gets called every time the user hits a key. But the
     -- send flag will only be set when he hits return to send the message.
     if (send == 1) then
        local text = chatEntry:GetText(); -- Here's how you get the original text
        local newText = text;             -- here's where you can modify the text to your liking
        chatEntry:SetText( newText );     -- send the new text back to the UI