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  1. Updated toc to 20400
  2. Added Spanish localization


  1. Fixed table recycling so that it isn't nilling passed argument values (only does a shallow recycle on known safe tables)
  2. Fixed t.arg typo that was causing some events not to fire


  1. Updated for Lua 5.1
  2. Converted all a1-a20 args to ... usages since it now does not create a table.


  1. Embeddable/Standalone version, reverse compatible as always.
  2. Rearanged code to be more organized, no version change.

v2.0 (Embeddable)[edit]

  1. Embedable!
  2. Cleaned up OO code
  3. Removed completely unused threading (performTask) and global onupdate (everyFrame) - Backwards compatible with all other calls. If someone actually used those, let me know! I might make them optional if registered.
  4. Increased execution speed with less OnUpdate code
  5. Moved afterInit to after the chat channels have spammed their color changing.

Intermediate changes[edit]

  1. Updated toc to 11000

Rev: 2789[edit]

  1. REALLY fixed 'next' error. For future refrence it was incurred by removing the current key/value pair from a table while itterating over it with a for loop. Unfortunetly no one wrote this down before, so the sam problem someone else fixed was recreated on accident in an attempt to make more efficient. (CORRECT)

Rev: 2789[edit]

  1. Merged the repeating and byName lists for OnUpdate efficiency. (Note: this also means scheduleByName and scheduleRepeating can no longer have the same names)
  2. Added Chronos.flushByName(name, when) - Updates the ByName or Repeating event to flush at the time specified. If no time is specified flush will be immediate. If it is a Repeating event the timer will be reset.
  3. Added Chronos.debug(booleanEnable) for debugging. This also means that the normal OnUpdate function has been shortened and is now slimmer/quicker.
  4. unscheduleRepeating and isScheduledRepeating now mirror unscheduleByName and isScheduledByName for backwards compatibility.
  5. Fixed 'next' error that was cropping up in the for loops when niling before calling a local var. (INCORRECT)

Rev: 2782[edit]

  1. Fixed index number bug (INCORRECT)

Rev: 2781[edit]

  1. Fixed invalid key for 'next' bug. (INCORRECT)

Rev: 2778[edit]

  1. No longer requires Sea
  2. Updated TOC file loading method
  3. Made schedule calls a tad more efficient
  4. converted OnUpdate while loops into for loops for efficiency

Rev: 2777[edit]

  1. Added Chronos.scheduleRepeating(name, delay, function) which calls functions (without arguments) every X (delay) seconds. Useful for simulating OnUpdate for efficency (ex delay of .1 would call the function 10x/sec). Recall this function to update the time. (ex Chronos.scheduleRepeating(name, delay) )
  2. Added the Chronos.unscheduleRepeating(name)
  3. Added Chronos.IsScheduledRepeating(name)
  4. Updated TOC to 1800