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WoW AddOn

World of Warcraft UI programming is simple and daunting at the same time.

It is simple in that it uses some very simple programming constructs and a well-defined method of creating visual elements.

It is daunting because there is so much to learn, so much detail available, but very little in the way of guides through the forest. It is also daunting because the inevitable errors which crop up can be so hard to find.

The goal of this AddOn programming tutorial is to teach by examples and by didactic instruction, leading the new AddOn programmer from the very simpliest AddOns to complex interactions with the XML user interface.

These pages have their genesis in the frustration of an experienced programmer in trying to make his way over the myriad of obstacles that others have already passed and forgot. Where to find this, how to do that. Some of the most basic stuff should be covered, but is left out of most other presentations encountered. As this author encounters the pits and barbs and finds solutions and resources they will be shared in this AddOn programming tutorial. So, let's get on with this.

Index to pages in this series[edit]

  • Introduction - The basic of the basic. A trivial AddOn built.

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