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API types < enchantLink

An 'enchantLink' link string type for enchants and recipes.


Enchant links are returned by several functions, like GetCraftItemLink() and others.

In essence, they are enchantStrings with additional formatting to make in-game text controls display them as clickable hyperlinks. The same as itemStrings are with itemLinks.

|cffffffff|Henchant:20024|h[Enchant Boots - Spirit]|h|r

Broken up in its components:

  • "|cffffffff" – Colorizes the link with a white color (Enchant Boots - Spirit is a trainer recipe)
    • The first two characters after pipe-c may be the alpha level, where ff is fully opaque.
    • The next three sets of two characters represent the red, green, and blue levels, just like HTML.
  • "|H" – "Hyperlink link data starts here"
  • "enchant:20024" – Read more at enchantString.
  • "|h" – "End of link, text follows"
  • "[Enchant Boots - Spirit]" – The actual text displayed
  • "|h" – "End of hyperlink"
  • "|r" – Restores color to normal

You can extract the enchantString from a given enchantLink with the following LUA-code:

local found, _, enchantString = string.find(enchantLink, "^|%x+|H(.+)|h%[.+%]")

EnchantLinks are also used in profession/craft links; for example:

|cffffffff|Henchant:44157|h[Engineering: Turbo-Charged Flying Machine]|h|r

where 44157 is the spellId used to create the product of crafting.